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Mr. G / Brando Bomb


Image of Mr. G / Brando Bomb

Wild Daughter are all about collaboration and the second outing from the band described as ‘Television on lithium’ is no exception
Produced by Mark Moore (S’Express) and Dan Donovan (B.A.D.)
with cover art by L.A. artist Richard Hawkins this has a true arc of a story ranging from loss to redemption, cruising and relief - I’m a depraved soul on my own you know Stuart McKenzie ushers us in on the AA release Mr G / Brando Bomb - Here we are in the gutter of love James Jeanette concludes taking it down a notch from Mr G where he doesn’t hold back - I would have chatted but you make me feel SICK ! Jacob Shaw provides backbone via pounding and driving bass via his savage B:Assmaster set against the beats of Brenda #2 their TR8s drumachine.

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